Wings.Nu; a collective.


Wings was registered on the 27th of July, 2021 with the express purpose of becoming my umbrella network, replacing the former Enchant.Nu/ and their many, many predecessors. Her name was snapped up thanks to Hostinger, and her webspace is courtesy of Dreamhost. Her outfit was made using Photoshop CS6 for the graphics, Araneae for the stuff under the hood, and Filezilla to let the world see it. The images used on this layout are free-use and were scavenged from a million and ten vaporwave sites, because I mean...I unironically love the aesthetic. Like. SERIOUSLY.

Wings is an ISTP Cancer, who enjoys reading books on faerie mythology, making lists, and the paintings of van Gogh. Her favourite shoes are her sparkly silver combat boots, she drinks flat whites like they're water, likes buttery French pastries, frequently forgets where she left her keys, and she's always seen reading something, whether it's a book, her phone, or the small print on the back of a sugar packet.

(Not So) FAQ

Can you design a site for me?
Maybe? If you're looking for a static personal site layout, hit me up! If you're looking for a business site with all the bells and whistles and WordPress and SEO and all that gunk, no, sadly -- I don't have those skills. But I'd love to talk personal static sites any time!

Can you make me a free layout? I have bills to pay, y'know? ^^;

Can I use a previous layout of yours?
Oh dear, no. Please do not do this.

Why do you have so many domains?!
Because I can, and when I buy them, I usually have plans for them. These plans do not always come to fruition, sadly :(

Can I buy [x] domain off you?
Put it this way: I won't necessarily say no, depending on the domain, but you will have to pay a fair bit for the name, due to...I mean, they're in use at the moment, and shifting files around etc is time-consuming. As is all the rigmarole of transfer and whatnot!

Can I link to you?
Absolutely, and thank you!

Can we affiliate/do a link exchange?
I know I'm weird, but I don't do affiliation or link exchanges on any of my sites, I do apologise!

How did you do [x trick here]?
Oof, I know this is a cop-out of an answer, but the truth must be told: I am a wretchedly bad teacher. The few friends I've written tutorials for ANYTHING for are still attempting to halt the neurological damage. You would honestly probably find a much better tutorial than I could ever give by Googling whatever you've seen. I didn't invent any of it, after all; I'm just using it!


*sigh* Hey hey hey, let's go.