The nuts and bolts of Wings, what's beneath the hood, when it expires, and where that odd clunking noise is coming from...


Wings was registered on the 27th of July, 2021 (so she's a Leo/Metal Ox), with the express purpose of becoming my umbrella network, replacing the former Enchant.Nu/ and their many, many predecessors. Both the hosting and the name registration are handled by my excellent host service, Hostinger -- tell 'em Rin says hi. It was made using Photoshop CS6 for the graphics, Araneae for the stuff under the hood, and Filezilla, because FTP isn't dead! (And way less fuss than uploading anything using a browser interface, ugh. Looking at YOU, Neocities.)

(Not So) FAQ

Can you design a site for me?
No. I'm not a webdesigner by trade, it's just a hobby, and I would feel bad taking money for something I'm not properly qualified to do.

Can you make me one for free, then? My goodness. >_>

Can we affiliate our sites/exchange links?
Yes, absolutely! :D Drop me a line and let me know!

Can you host me?
Yup, more than likely! Get in touch with what you need, and we'll see if I can provide it!

Can I use a previous layout of yours?
Oh dear, no.

Why do you have so many domains?!
...because I try to fill the holes in my life and soul with coding and research projects? Oh goodness, that's the truth. That's not even funny. I just made myself sad.

Can I buy [x] domain off you?
Put it this way: I won't say no, but you will have to pay a fair bit for the name, due to...I mean, they're in use at the moment, and shifting files around etc is time-consuming ^^;;

Can I link to you?
Absolutely, and thank you! Wings and all the sites beneath it are link-free, meaning you don't need to ask for permission to link them! ^^

Why did you change your net alias?
...because I felt like it?

...wait, that's it?
Yes! :3

Insert personal question here!
Go here!

No, silly, I meant something other than that!
If it's not answered by reading my weblog and/or poking through my SNS, consider it just too boring to be spoken of. Seriously, I am a dull person with an even duller life.