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Things for you! What you're really here for. (What? Come on, like you're here for me and my rambling nonsense.)

Music Rotation

Songs that are pretty damn good, according to yours truly. Good old-fashioned downloads, because that's how we used to do it, dammit, and besides, the thought of not being able to access my music just because the internet itself doesn't want to play ball is horrifying. Especially in my country. MTM is so great, you guys. Last rotated: 24 June, 2025. This moment's theme: hotpotch of old-school late 90s jpop, ladies first.

Cocktail Recipes

What started as a way to stave off boredom and depression has become something of a hobby, now! When I have the money for it, I mean. Here's a few of my pallid creations. Standard disclaimers apply about being old enough to drink in your locale, drinking responsibly, not sharing with minors, don't spit vodka in your cat's mouth on Twitch, etc etc.

Winter Cookie

Combine Fireball shot and vanilla essence and mix with a swizzle stick. Top with milk of your choice. Enjoy!

Something nice, sweet, and warming for those cooler evenings! I recommend an American shot (44ml) of Fireball instead of the standard Australian (30ml) because Fireball is quite sweet on its own, so it does most of the flavour-work in this one. Because Fireball is sweet, I have to caution you to keep an eye on how many you've down -- they're very moreish!

Maple Meandering

Mix your clear spirit, maple syrup, and cinnamon+nutmeg in glass and mix with a swizzle stick. Top with milk of your choice. Optionally, garnish with a pinch of cinnamon sugar, and enjoy!

This is a nice little drop akin to the Winter Cookie, but with a clearer aftertaste -- the sweetness of the maple plays in the front of your palate while the sharpness of the spirit hits the back, and it's a lovely combo!

Sonic Screwdriver

Pour your orange soft drink over your shot, and geronimo!

You might notice that this is basically just a screwdriver, but the carbonation in your soft drink is what makes it Sonic, baby -- you know they serve these on Gallifrey ^_~

Kirr Sunshine

Pour one standard glass of your wine, and top with your creaming soda. Enjoyable chilled or at room temperature!

I wouldn't use a wine any sweeter than a chenin blanc, personally, because the sweetness of the creaming soda mixing with anything other than dry notes can get lost. YMMV, though!