w i n g s ... where was Eden?


Name: Rin
Birthday: 15 March
Zodiac: Pisces
Location: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Ethnicity: Scots-Australian
Likes: BTS, the ocean, dolls, coffee, writing, poetry, linguistics, languages, pens & stationery, journalling, retro animu and mango, retro vidya, amigurumi, the Heian era (Sei Shonagon is my flawless oneesama).
Dislikes: Elon Musk, migraines, rainy days, summer, anxiety, feeling trapped, passive aggression and the people who employ it, Instagram culture, anyone using social justice as a weapon. And green beans, because ew.

It's me. Hi. I'm the problem; it's me.

Very basically, I'm a socially awkward little bunny who has a much better relationship with anything fictional than I ever do with reality. I dress like a witch, swear like a sailor, and have cried more than once over a white cartoon puppy's backstory. I'm supposed to be a Japanese/Korean double major at my adored uni, but in early 2020 my nerves started demylineating (while the rest of the world was busy contracting the spicy cough, I'm just so Not Like Other Girls that way), so that's been cancelled wholly as of 2023. I'm trying to stave off the misery of that fact by making pretty but largely useless websites. You do what you can, y'know?

Social Networking

Aahhh, the scourge of the creative internet and enabler of the worst of humanity. Social networking. Don't we love it? (No.) I'm trying to use it less and less, because I don't want to die of fucking cortisol poisoning before I'm 40, but there are some things I still mess with.


Direct contact, for those who are very brave. Or bored. Or both?