...hello, I'm Arwen! That's all. Okay, fine, that's not all. Have some stats for the lack of a better thing to put here:

[Current] Net Handle: Arwen!
Location: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Ethnicity: Scots-Australian
Enduring Obsessions: all things Middle-earth, the ocean, dolls, coffee, linguistics, languages, pens & stationery, journalling, retro animu and mango, retro vidya, amigurumi, the Heian era (Sei Shonagon is my flawless oneesama).
Pet Peeves: feeling trapped, passive aggression and the people who employ it, Instagram culture, nostalgia viewed through rose-coloured lenses, anyone using social justice as a weapon. And green beans, because ew.

Social Networking

Aahhh, the scourge of the creative internet and enabler of the worst of humanity. Social networking. Don't we love it? (No, which is why I seldom use it...)

blog.middle-earth - the all-things-Legendarium One True Fandom blog!
twitter/StudioWish - update log for Studio Wish
tumblr.ningyou - doll tumblr, rather empty right now
twitter/ningyou_hime - dolly twitter! crossposts from tumblr & insta
instagram/ningyou_hime - dolly insta, updated much more often! Or it should be.
twitter/olorinde - less personal twitter, unlocked! website updates & fandom stuff
ravelry/olorinde - I can twist yarn about aesthetically...with ONE stick!
pinterest/olorinde - uhm...pretty pictures of things?


Direct contact, for those who are very brave. Or bored. Or both?

evenstar @ gmail - the ever classic email. Please be aware I have a very zealous spam trap which fills up super quickly (serves me right for having such a basic username, I guess?), so if I seem to have ignored your email, it's more than likely it's lost somewhere in the spam folder.
Evenstar#3624 @ discord - instantish messaging, or the closest thing you'll get to it with me. I don't use Discord on any of my mobile devices, though, I do apologise! Nor am I on very often...
??? @ whatsapp - this one I do use on mobile, but seeing as it requires my actual phone number, please ask me privately for this! (I'm so tired of getting spam calls from Chinese voicebots...)