Wings is a large, sprawling, unwieldy, and above all fairly disorganised network...because I am a fairly disorganised person. (Smart alecks with comments about being a large, sprawling, and unwieldy person as well may show themselves to the door.) Here is where I try to put it all in order, or at least something resembling order, if you squint hard. A very detailed network map is available here.

Current Projects

Studio Wish
anime & manga (and adjacent) collective

Tolkien/Legendarium collective

September City
my writing/creativity portfolio

Ningyou Hime
dolly goodness! (mostly Pullips)

Bright Heroines
a tribute to fantasy female characters

The Faeriepunk Manifesto
the single most sparkly rebellion possible...

TFL.Org fanlisting collective

Love Reflection
TAFL.Com fanlisting collective

Upcoming Projects

Things still in the works, but will be here soon! ...ish. Soonish.

Lunar Legend Akayoroshi
original mahou shoujo/xianxia webserial, coming in late 2022

Once In A Blue Moon Network
a small, personal dedication to my favourite elements of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

City Gardening
a huge site dedicated to CLAMP's Tokyo Babylon!