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Do you know what they call it?

"This is the absolute pinnacle of human emotion.
More passionate than hope, and far deeper than despair.

Welcome to Wings, the umbrella network of Kirryn -- just another poet girl on the internet, at the end of the day. This domain acts as the home site for all my various projects scattered upon the digital winds. Navigation is above. Please enjoy your stay...and feel free to disregard the Law of Cycles. After's more of a guideline, really. Certainly not infallible. Not that I'm playing a Devil's advocate...

On this website, we support Ukraine and stand with them against Putin's unwarranted war and the crimes that are being commited beneath it. If you don't, you're welcome to get right the hell off it. ♥ Слава Україні!


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Wings is a large, sprawling, unwieldy, and above all fairly disorganised network...because I am a fairly disorganised person. A very detailed network map is available here.

Current Projects

Tolkien/Legendarium collective
anime & manga (and adjacent) collective
Ningyou Hime
Ningy♡u Hime
dolly goodness! (mostly Pullips)
The Bright Heroines Network
Bright Heroines
a tribute to fantasy female characters
A Brief Introduction to Faeriepunk
A Brief Introduction to Faeriepunk
the single most sparkly rebellion possible...
TFL.Org fanlisting collective

Upcoming Projects

Once In A Blue Moon Network
a small, personal dedication to my favourite elements of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
City Gardening
City Gardening
a huge site dedicated to CLAMP's Tokyo Babylon
a personal site? what is this, 2002?
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Wings was registered on the 27th of July, 2021 with the express purpose of becoming my umbrella network, replacing the former Enchant.Nu/ and their many, many predecessors. Both the hosting and the name registration are handled by my excellent host service, Hostinger. It was made using Photoshop CS6 for the graphics, Araneae for the stuff under the hood, and Filezilla. The images used on this layout are from KindPNG and screencapped by myself, and features various brushes from Brusheezy. It's all on one page because I'm exhausted and can't really justify having multiple pages at the moment.

(Not So) FAQ

Where's your web manifesto?
Here. Kinda.

Can you design a site for me?
No. I'm not a webdesigner by trade, it's just a hobby, and I would feel bad taking money for something I'm not properly qualified to do.

Can you make me one for free, then?

Can I use a previous layout of yours?
Oh dear, no. Please do not do this.

Why do you have so many domains?!
Because I can, and when I buy them, I usually have plans for them. These plans do not always come to fruition, sadly.

Can I buy [x] domain off you?
Put it this way: I won't say no, but you will have to pay a fair bit for the name, due to...I mean, they're in use at the moment, and shifting files around etc is time-consuming.

Can I link to you?
Absolutely, and thank you!

Can we do a link exchange?
No, I do not participate in link exchanges; YMMV, but to me it feels far too much like a business transaction, and this is not a corporate website by any stretch of the imagination. By all means, send me your link, and if I like your site, I'll link it. I don't mind if you don't link me back; you are by no means obligated to. (I also find that "link exchanges" are rarely honoured, anyway, so let's be real instead of businesslike, yeah?)

Can we affiliate?
I don't do affiliation. To me, it's just a glorified link exchange. Again, this is not a corporate website.

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Link to Me?

Please save to your own server, for your own convenience; these may move address or be hotlink protected at any given time.

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