...aka, "the only Stark-related fanmix on the planet that does not feature Kanye West's 'Stronger'." It focuses more on Tony Stark as Tony (as I see him, naturally) and less as Iron Man, and wtf on a sandwich, I swear there wasn't that much angst in it when I was first planning. Oh well. Right click, save as -- y'all know the drill.

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Is It Any Wonder?; Keane
I always thought that I knew I'd always have the right to be living in the kingdom of the good and true. But now I think I was wrong, and you were laughing along, and now I look a fool for thinking you were on my side.

Stateless; U2
I've got no home in this world -- just gravity, luck, and time. I've got no home in this world...just you, and you are not mine.

Casual Affair; Tonic
So you give it all in the world today, you say it's all about passion and the wars you wage. I'm not saying I'm one for violence...but it keeps me hanging on.

Without You I'm Nothing; Placebo feat. David Bowie *
Strange infatuation seems to grace the evening tide...I'll take it by your side.

Come Undone; Robbie Williams
So unimpressed, but so in awe. Such a saint, but such a whore. So self-aware, so full of shit. So indecisive, so adamant. I'm contemplating thinking about thinking...it's overrated, just get another drink and watch me come undone.

Details; Robert Downey Jr
Out of the furnace and into the forest, the harvest of my youth...tell me the truth. Do you? Does anyone, anymore?

Theme From A Movie That Never Happened; Eric Clapton

Playboy; Cleavage
A charm is in the air, it's time to prepare. I drift from here to there - I'm here, but are you there? The stars must be dancing 'cause you're so amazing.

* The obligatory Tony/Pepper track...I mean, come on. Am I the only human being on the planet who thinks that their potential relationship would not be hearts and flowers and never forgetting Pepper's birthday again? Because I'm thinking it'd be the exact opposite, m'self...